The Godfather of Freeride

Wade Simmons has left his mark on mountain biking. Through his innovative riding skills and passion for the sport, he’s affectionately known throughout the community as the “Godfather of Freeride”. Wade’s larger than life persona evolved from humble beginnings spinning wrenches and tinkering endlessly as a teenager in the freeride hotspot of Kamloops, BC. When Wade made the move to North Vancouver to work for the iconic Deep Cove Bike Shop, he carried on perfecting his craft as a mechanic before taking the opportunity to become a professional rider.

As a rider, he burst onto the scene in a way that mountain biking hadn’t seen before. Focused on riding creatively rather than riding on the clock, Wade took inspiration from his BMX background and applied it to mountain biking, competing in every discipline from XC to Trials – this was, of course, the early 90’s and mountain biking had started to boom. It wasn’t long before he was travelling the world to film movie segments and helping shape a movement that would change the sport forever – Freeride.

Wade’s achievements include a 1st place finish at the inaugural Red Bull Rampage, being inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, and sending a road gap so iconic that the visual was burned into an entire generation of mountain bikers’ minds.

Photography by Sterling Lorence

The Godfather's Garage

Drawing on decades of experience, Wade’s influence in the mountain biking community is onto its next chapter; Godfather’s Garage. The goal of Godfather’s Garage is to give riders the products they need to keep their bikes running smoothly, no matter what type of riding conditions. By testing our products year-round on Vancouver’s North Shore, we deal with thick, dry dust all summer, before heading into the relentlessly wet, dank days of winter.

So, what does a professional freerider know about making lube? Well, it turns out – a lot! If there was ever anyone who knew about the demands put on a mountain bike, it’s Wade. Lube it. Send it.

Wade’s given his life to mountain biking and his freeride influence is globally recognized, and with it, a lasting legacy. But it all started in the garage – even for the Godfather.